Aspects to Consider While Choosing Toner Cartridges

By Oney Seal


A toner cartridge is an essential part of the laser printer. These cartridges use a fine powder which is called a toner. It is different from the liquid ink that is used in ink cartridges and are meant for laser printers.

The ink source used in the cartridges determines the outcome of the prints. Understanding the basic phenomenon of how the toner works can eventually help you to decide on toner cartridges. Plastic and pigment are the two components of a toner. Each component serves a different purpose. The color you get in your prints come from the pigment. The pigment is blended with plastic. The toner melts when subjected to the heat fuser of the printer. When you insert blank pages onto the printer, the melted output from the toner binds to the paper.

There are different parameters to consider while you are buying a toner cartridge. The first step is obviously to select the right laser printer for your specific needs, so you can use the toner cartridge of that particular brand. Although there are also compatible and re-manufactured cartridges available in the market, it is better to select original cartridges unless you are constrained by certain factors such as cost and intent of use. The ultimate goal is to buy a toner that gives you the best output and is cost-effective in the long term.


Now when it comes to the original toner cartridges, they are manufactured for specific models of the laser printers. Most of the office supplies e-commerce stores demonstrate the laser printer models in which the specific toner cartridges would fit. Printer manufacturers also mention the model of the cartridges that is intended for the specific laser printer in their user manual.


Another important factor is the color. If you are using a black and white laser printer, then you need a black toner cartridge. If you are using a color laser printer, then you need color toner cartridges. Basically, the color toner cartridges come in three different colors such as magenta, cyan and yellow.  

The color cartridges come in individual pieces. You can put these cartridges in the color laser printers in the different slots provided. Depending on the different brands, the color cartridges come in tri-color packs in which you get a cartridge each of cyan, magenta and yellow. These packs are generally intended for high volume color printing needs.

Depending Upon the Make- OEM or Compatible or Re-manufactured

These types of cartridge differentiation is based on the type of manufacturer or the manufacturing process. The OEM toner cartridges are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer which also manufactures the laser printers. The advantage here is that the same manufacturer is building both the main product and its accessories. This results in optimum reliability and performance. Also, you will be getting good quality technical support at all times. As these are original products intended only for the specific printer models of the brands, these also come with a high price scale.

On the other hand, the compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by third party manufacturers. This is kind of a recycled product. The third party manufacturers take the returned or old cartridges, change the core and drums, and make the whole cartridge again. These are also tested thoroughly. If you are looking for a cost-effective yet durable alternative to the OEM toner cartridges, then you may opt for these compatible models.

Lastly, the remanufactured toner cartridges are just the refilled versions of the OEM or compatible cartridges. The manufacturers take the OEM and the compatible cartridges, refill and resell them. Certainly, the remanufactured toner cartridges are less in price. But, as they are coming with a lesser price tag, the quality you get will be inferior to the OEM and compatible cartridges. Also, you may not get the appropriate technical support during the needed times.

Page Yields

Page yield is defined as the number of pages that can be printed with the toner cartridge. Different cartridges offer different page yields. Also, the page yield may differ among the OEM, compatible and remanufactured cartridges.

The above are some of the aspects that we need to look forward to when choosing the toner cartridges. As per your specific requirements, you may collectively think about the different aspects in order to arrive at a good decision.



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March 10, 2015

Need to order thermal shipping labels in a rush..?

By Databazaar Blog


If you are ordering shipping labels for the first time and are in doubt, ask for guidance. It might save you a lot of awkwardness later. Please be aware that there can be different categories of thermal labels depending upon the printing technique. The wrong kind will not work with your printer.If there is no one you can turn to for help in these matters, we suggest that you read our guide below; It has been written with a view to making your buying decision easier.

Thermal Label Buying Guide :

A. Thermal labels Types

1. Direct Thermal Labels :

Direct thermal labels are used in Direct thermal printers. These printers use chemically treated thermal papers and films which are activated by heat and blacken when the print-head applies heat to the chemical. These printers do not employ ink, toner, or ribbon to apply print to the label surface and so, are not able to print in color unless special, pre-printed direct thermal paper is used. The most common applications for direct thermal labels, fan-folded and on rolls, are for bulk printing shipping labels and barcode labels. They are popular in the food industry.

2. Thermal Transfer Labels

Thermal Transfer labels require a printer with thermal wax ribbons. A thermal print-head applies heat to the ribbon, which in turn melts ink on to the label substrate to create the printed image. The ink is absorbed into the label material. The ribbons can be of different colors, so you are not limited to printing in black. The label surface or substrate can be made of paper, film or even foil however, label substrate material and ribbon needs to be carefully matched for overall quality and performance of the print. The most commonly used applications for Thermal Transfer printing include distribution, product identification, inventory and asset labeling, as well as bar code labels that need to last longer than six months.

B. Direct Thermal vs. Thermal Transfer Labels – Which one do you need?

Direct Thermal LabelsThermal Transfer Labels
No waiting for the ink to dry and cool. No waiting for ink to dry.
Labels print only in black unless special, pre-printed direct thermal paper is used The thermal ribbons can be of different colors, so labels can be printed in colors other than black.
Prints only on thermal paper and films Prints on paper, film and also polyester and polypropylene foil
Prints are not crisp. Labels have a shelf life of 1 year or less Printing is very crisp and long-lasting. Labels have a shelf-life of over 1 year
Barcodes cannot be scanned after a few months. Good for printing high-density barcodes.
Print can fade or darken with temperature, humidity, liquids and chemicals, sunlight, frictions and abrasion Does not fade with time or exposure to the environment. Print can withstand various temperatures from freezing to boiling, liquids and chemicals.
Wax ribbon can smudge under heavy abrasion.
Lower running cost as ribbon or ink is not required Comparatively higher running cost
Popular in the foods industry, since most items are stored away from heat and sunlight. Goods are perishable and the labels do not need to last a long time. Suits companies whose products need to endure friction, changes in temperature or dampness and last more than 6 months.
Use for : Address labels, Parcel/ pallet labels, Library Date Due Labels, receipt labels, and nametag labels, Short-term price/barcode labels Use for : Asset tags, Shelf marking labels, Asset tags, Shelf marking labels, Indoor/outdoor signage, Long-term price/high density barcode labels

C. – Selling Thermal labels for 15 years

A division of the well-known blank label convertor Worldlabel, Labels Ontime Inc. manufactures and offers thermal barcode shipping labels in over 100 sizes. All sizes and types are always in stock in 4 warehouses nationwide and they ship out the same day. Labels come on 1" and 3" cores as well as fanfolded for thermal transfer and direct thermal printing. also offers Labels for Zebra Printers as well as all popular Dymo sizes. Thermal ribbons are also available on the site for all types of printers including Zebra, Epson, Datamax, Sato and others. Prices are factory direct and get lower and lower as you buy more. Samples are available for testing. All orders received before 3:00 pm will be shipped out the same day.

February 20, 2015

Reduce retrieval time with Avery Color-coding labels

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Avery Labels

Have you ever panicked because you cannot locate an important document that your boss wants to see right away? Are you spending too much time wading through piles of paper and files trying to find that letter which you need to send today? If the answer to either is in the affirmative, Avery’s Color-coding labels are just the thing for you.

Color Coding labels have been known to reduce retrieval time by a whopping 40%! Our brains can recognize a color much faster than it can read and process text. Color-coded filing creates an easily identifiable pattern and helps you locate and retrieve your information faster, reduces the risk of lost documents and helps in increasing your efficiency.

So how does one go about color-coding files and papers? One easy method for color coding would be to segregate your files according to subject and assign a colored label for each subject. So your unpaid invoice files could be red, tax files could be blue, accounts could be yellow etc. Another simple way to do it is this: If it’s important, label it red. Lower priority files get a less vibrant color. Now once your color-coding logic is in place, based on the number of your files and the documents that you need to organize, write down identifiers on the labels. Identifiers can be numbers, alphabets, year, year and month or anything else that helps you organize your files. Work out a color-coding system and an identifier sequence that best suits your specific requirements and you are ready with your index.

The Color-coding labels from Avery come in a variety of sizes and an assortment of colors. Vivid colors are immediately noticeable so you can use them to organize your documents, add them as price tags on items you want to sell, mark important dates on your calendar, stick them for inventory control and much more. Permanent adhesive on the back of these labels makes them stick easily and ensures that once stuck, they stay firmly in place.

Avery also sells a range of color-coding labels that can be printed on an inkjet or laser printer using one of several templates that Avery offers. If you are prone to misfiling, use the removable labels that Avery offers; these do not leave behind sticky residue and can easily be repositioned. When applying the color coding label, make sure the application surface is dry and clean.

Now that you have finished organizing your documents using color-coding labels, do you still have some left over? Repurposing labels for some completely new application can be fun. Use them at home as jar labels, decorations on holiday cards or even on gift-wraps. So go ahead and use your imagination.


Avery Color-coding labels increase your productivity by reducing retrieval times, reducing risk of lost documents and creating an easily identifiable pattern.



Specs that matter

Features:Available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Removable labels do not leave sticky residue on the surface. Can be written or printed upon. Peels off easily from the backing paper but sticks firmly to paper, glass, wood surface

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January 30, 2015

How to Save Your Back From Those Long Hours on the Chair- Advantus Memory Foam Massage Lumbar Cushion, 12-3/4w x 3-1/2d x 12-1/2h, Black (Advantus 602804MH05)

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Advantus Memory Foam Massage Lumbar Cushion

The Advantus Memory Foam Massage Lumbar Cushion is a great thing to put on your chair while working, driving, or just chilling at home. Not only is it comfortable, but it also looks fashionable in any home, car, or office setting. Working and driving long hours can definitely take a toll on your back, but no worries, because the solution is finally here. This memory foam cushion not only supports your back, but it gives invigorating massages with its inbuilt massage motors. With the comfort and nice massages that it provides you with, you will finally be able to be relaxed and happy while working, driving, or even just chilling at home. Don’t waste your time; go buy this amazing cushion at an extremely reasonable price at, now!!!


Prevent your back from aches and pains with the Advantus Memory Foam Massage Lumbar Cushion.
Price: $28.56 ea



Specs that matter

Notable Features:Soft memory foam cradles the back in comfort;Invigorating massage motor for the lumbar and other back areas; Breathable mesh fabric; Use in home, office, or automobile; Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

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January 21, 2015

HP LaserJet Pro Color Printer M451dw – A Solution For Your Wireless Printing Blues

By Databazaar Blog

HP LaserJet Pro Color Printer M451dw

With wireless networks and access points rapidly increasing everywhere, wireless network printing is fast becoming a viable option. The benefit of a wireless link versus a conventional wired Ethernet one is that you can place the printer anywhere within signal range, not just where an Ethernet or USB cable can reach. Most printers over the last couple of years have, therefore, at least this one thing in common, wireless connectivity.

If you are looking for a wireless printer for personal use or for a small workgroup in your office, you could take a look at the HP LaserJet Pro M451dw Color Printer. This HP laser printer can connect over Wi-Fi to your local wireless network and can be shared by all the computers on the network.

Points that work in favor of the HP LaserJet Pro M451dw are the quality of its output and paper handling abilities. With a print resolution of 600 dpi x 600 dpi, the M451dw offers exceptionally high-quality printing, especially for graphics and photos. Graphics output can match the best laser printers in the market producing prints that look fully professional while photo printing is just short of true photo quality. Text handling is slightly on the lower side compared to other laser printers but good enough for everyday print requirements. The printer's paper handling is also a strong point. The M451dw offers a 250-sheet input tray and a 50-sheet multipurpose tray so you can sail through large print jobs without having to stop for a refill. If you need more, you can add a second 250 sheet tray. The built-in duplexer for two-sided printing helps you to save paper resources.

The only downside of the HP LaserJet Pro M451dw is its low print speed. Rated at 21 ppm by HP, the print speed is a little low for the price and this is not your printer if you are looking for speed over print quality. On the other hand, if you need some good quality graphics, photos and text and are willing to go a little slow on speed, this printer is just the thing for you. At 15.9 x 19.1 x 12.7 inches (WxDxH), it is also compact enough to fit on your desk or small office. Setup is standard with support for both wired and Wi-Fi connections.

All major printer makers offer their own mobile apps for printing on the go. The M451dw supports HP’s ePrint app which means that you can send a file from your Smartphone from virtually anywhere to the printer as an email attachment. Receiving the email triggers the printer to print your file.


High quality output and good paper handling makes the HP LaserJet Pro 400 Color suitable for a small office or workgroup.
Price: $499.00



Specs that matter

Notable Features:Space-saving compact design, very high print quality, high volume paper tray for large print jobs
Dimensions (WxDxH):15.9 in x 19.1 in x 12.7 in
Weight:52 lbs
Max Media Size (Custom):8.5 in x 14 in
Print Speed:Up to 21 ppm
Max Resolution:600 dpi x 600 dpi
Duplex Printing:Yes
Connectivity:Hi-speed USB 2.0, 10/100Base TX-Ethernet LAN, 802.11b/g/n Wireless
Processor:600 MHz
Standard Memory :128 MB expandable to 384 MB
Media Type:Envelopes, transparencies, labels, plain paper, glossy paper, cards, bond paper, recycled paper
Media Handling:250-sheet input tray, 50-sheet multipurpose tray
Monthly Duty Cycle:40000 pages
Operating System Compatibility:Linux: Red Hat Linux; Mac; Windows
Power:AC 110 V
Environmental Standards:ENERGY STAR Qualified
Manufacturer Warranty:1 year warranty

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October 15, 2014

Carry your iPad 3 securely in Buxton faux leather stylish Origami case

By Databazaar Blog

BUXOC213I22BK - Buxton tablet case

If you are looking for a protective cover to carry your iPad 3, we suggest that you take a look at the functional yet stylish Origami Case from Buxton. The durable faux black leather cover is sleek and elegant and its soft interior provides maximum protection from scratches and dust. The magnetic closures snap the case shut, sending your iPad to sleep mode thus also protecting the battery from unnecessary drainage.

Hold it in your hand vertically or horizontally for viewing: Your iPad 3 will fit snugly and securely into this case while keeping the entire display visible. When you want your hands free for typing, simply roll back the front cover and prop the case up horizontally on any flat surface like an easel. Compared to other mobile device cases in the market, the soft microfiber interior of this iPad case from Buxton provides better scratch protection. The strategically placed cut-outs allow easy access to all controls, plugs and the camera.


Get maximum protection for your iPad 3 with this unique foldable faux leather Origami case from Buxton.
Price: $30.99



Specs that matter

Notable Features:Magnetic Roll-back iPad Cover with Unique Easel Function; Fits iPad 3 and iPad 4; Magnetic Closure with Sleep function; Microfiber soft interior; Use for typing or viewing both horizonatlly and vertically.
Specifications:Dimensions: 7 ¾ inches x 9 ¾ inches x 5 inches; Weight : 1 lb; Accessory Type: Tablet Case; Material(s): Faux Leather with Felt Interior; Color(s): Black/Gray; PROP 65 Compliant

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September 22, 2014

Enjoy sharing files at high speed with the Belkin 5-port Gigabit Network Switch

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Belkin 5-port Gigabit Network Switch

Share large data files, network printers, streaming video content or connect multiple entertainment devices to your network with the Belkin 5-Port 10/100 Network Switch. It enables you to connect up to five devices such as computers, printers, external hard drives and other peripherals to your network quickly and easily.

The Belkin Gigabit Ethernet switch has auto-sensing technology which automatically adjusts the speed to your network and cabling performance. It can securely share large files at physical data rates of up to 100Mbps, many times faster than any conventional Ethernet switch. At the same time, the switch is backward-compatible with an existing 10/100 network so you don’t need to worry about your old network devices. It is a great energy saver too as the network switch features intelligent Ethernet ports that reduce the power needed to transmit. With plug and play performance, great reliability and sleek black finish, this Gigabit Network switch is ideal for your home or small office.


Superfast transfer speed and secure plug-and-play performance makes the Belkin 5-port Gigabit Network Switch a great favorite at home and office.
Price: $14.99



Specs that matter

Notable Features:Network Switch; 10/100 Speed: Up to 100Mbps physical data rate; Adds 5 high-speed Ethernet ports; Auto-sensing ports automatically adjust speed to network and cabling performance; Reliability of a secure wired connection
Specifications:Size 2.5 inches x 8.1 inches; Ports : 5 ports; Connector/Port/Interface: RJ45; Buffer memory : 48 KB; Color : Black
Warranty:Belkin Lifetime Warranty

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September 19, 2014

Simplify your life and increase productivity with the Belkin USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Stand

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Belkin’s USB 3.0 Dual Video Docking Stand for Windows 8 Tablets gives you the best of both worlds: the liberty and convenience of mobility and the functionality of a fully-equipped office. The docking stand with its built-in USB, display and Ethernet ports provides easy and fast access to your network and computer peripherals through a single 3.0 USB cable, connecting external monitors, keyboard, mouse, printer and more.

This hardy aluminum stand can hold any tablet having a 3.0 USB port in an upright position. The ergonomic docking stand can be raised to a height of 3.62 inches so you can adjust the display height of your tablet according to your need. Its integrated cable management system helps you keep your workspace clean and uncluttered and its secure locking system protects the dock from theft. The display ports allow you to connect to external monitors and displays. It also includes charging options for tablets and mobile devices.

In sum, this video docking station from Belkin is a very good option if you are looking for the convenience of a fully-equipped office without compromising your mobility.


Increase mobility and convenience with a versatile docking station for your Windows 8 Tablet. Configure your workspace and connect to all your office peripherals with a single super-speed USB 3.0 cable.
Price: $199.99



Specs that matter

Notable Features:super fast connection to two resolution monitors; simple docking and undocking; enables fast and easy charging of mobiles; special storage facility for mobile devices; Operating system provided Windows A 8; No need to install a battery
Specifications:Size 6.5 inches x 10 inches; Ports : USB 3.0 port, 4 USB ports, 1 Ethernet port; Dual-display option; in-built cable management; Charging station : 2.1A USB 3.0 port.

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September 12, 2014

Enjoy stylish and convenient Belkin USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet

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Belkin USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet

The Belkin USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet adapter is good value for money. Thinner and lighter computing devices such as ultrabooks and tablets frequently lack traditional Ethernet ports. If you have an ultrabook or tablet and need to connect to a wired network, then this Belkin adapter is just the thing for you. You can have the added convenience of extra displays or the added functionality of an entire network with this Belkin product.

The plug-and-play functionality ensures that you do not have to install any software to use the adapter. Simply plug the USB 3.0A female end into the port of your tablet or ultra book and attach the other RJ-45 end to the network or external display. The USB 3.0 bus powered adapter is also its own power source, so no external power source is necessary. In addition to this, the elegant black color imparts an ultra stylish look to the adapter.


Enjoy the convenience of connecting to a wired network from your tablet with the plug-and-play Belkin USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Adapter.
Price: $39.99



Specs that matter

Notable Features:Device Type: Network adapter; Plug & Play; Easy Installation – No software required; Bus powered – No external power needed; Supports 10/100/1000Mbps on USB 3.0 ports
Specifications:Size : 5.2 inches x 6.14 inches Connectivity Technology: Wired Cabling Type: Ethernet 10Base-T, Ethernet 100Base-TX, Ethernet 1000Base-T Data Link Protocol: 10Mb LAN, 100Mb LAN, Gigabit LAN Data Transfer Rate: 1 Gbps Interfaces: 1 x network - Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T - RJ-45 Connections: 1 x SuperSpeed USB 3.0

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September 10, 2014

Allsop Gaiam Muti-tilt folio case -Trendy and stylish cases for your iPad/iPad2

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If you are looking for a tablet case for your iPad, you can take a look at Gaiam’s trendy and stylish iPad folio cases

The natural canvas exterior of the case makes it durable and good for regular use. The frontal elastic strap holds the case intact assuring in-transit protection. The flexible face cover can be opened and closed easily to put the iPad into wake or sleep mode. The folio cases offer varying tilt angles with multiple options for viewing.

The soft microfiber fold-over cover prevents your iPad from slipping while the iPad is in typing position and also protects your screen from scratches. The Filigree print in glade green ups the glam quotient by several notches and the tiltable stand-type case makes this a handy choice for your iPad. The case stands up well, the elastic works well and does not get in the way when you work. You will love the Allsop Gaiam folio case, starting with the way it looks to the way it feels and the way it functions.


The Gaiam Multi tilt folio case with its durable cover, great design and multi-tilt functionality is a good choice for your iPad / iPad 2.
Price: $39.99


Allsop Inc

Specs that matter

Notable Features:Tablet case; Fits the iPad®® and iPad® 2; Available color : filigree in glade green; Material used : natural canvas; Elastic strap gives protection to gadgets while travelling; Allows multiple tilt angles and standing; Long lasting natural canvas exterior.
Specifications:12 x 8 x 0.8 inches ; Shipping weight : 14.4 ounces.

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