August 20, 2007

How Can I Turn My Blog Into A Professionally-Published Book?

By Taeho Lim

PrinTip: Blog Your Way Onto the Bestseller List


With at least 70 million blogs in existence, we figure some of you probably have your own blog. Have you ever wanted to turn your blog into a professionally-printed book that you can share with friends or customers? We found two vanity publishers that can transform your blog into a book.

Blurb has a service that enables you to turn your blog entries—or any text and photos for that matter—into an attractive book.

First, you download the Blurb software. Next, you choose the kind of book you want to make. Finally, you use the drag-and-drop interface to design the pages and add your text and images. After you publish the finished product, you can share it with friends and family or sell it at the Blurb bookstore.

You can choose from three different book sizes: square (7x7 inches), standard portrait/landscape (8x10 / 10x8 inches), and large format landscape (13x11 inches). A 100 page softcover copy ranges from $21.95 to $29.95 depending on size while a 100 page hardcover ranges from $29.95 to $69.95. Delivery takes 7-10 business days.

With Blog2Print, you can turn your Blogger blog into the next bestseller. Just type in your blog name, specify the range of dates you want to include, and choose whether to start from oldest or newest post. You can even upload a cover image and write an introduction. In the end, you'll receive a PDF file that you can share and print for free. A professional-published softcover copy costs $19.95 while a hardcover sells for $24.95. As an added bonus, you can add a Blog2Print widget to your blog so that visitors can order a copy of your blog as well with you receiving a share of any sales.

The bottom line: Blurb enables you to create a book from any materials and gives you a lot of control over the layout, but it requires a lot of manual entry. By contrast, Blog2Print is limited to blog books, but it automatically fetches your blog posts, dramatically reducing your time commitment.

Printer Pundit Jim Lyons recently reviewed Blog2Print on the day he ordered his book and again on the day he received his copy (see above photo). Jim thinks it has potential.

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