August 02, 2007

HP Unveils Print 2.0 to Make it Easier to Print Web Pages

By Taeho Lim

HP's Print 2.0 Initiative Predicts Printing Will Shift From Documents to Web Pages


Go online and you'll find just about all the information you could possibly want—and more. But not enough Web sites have a printer friendly format that enable you to get a nice, neat printout to take with you wherever you go. With Web page printouts comprising 48% of all the printing that people do at home, this technological shortcoming presents a bit of a problem.

In response, HP recently introduced Print 2.0, an initiative designed to eliminate the need for lengthy tutorials on making printer friendly pages. Web designers can now turn to easy-to-use tools developed by HP such as the Tabblo Print Toolkit that enable visitors to print out a readable copy that looks like it came right off the newsstand.

HP estimates that people will print 53 trillion Web pages by 2010, creating a potential market worth as much as $296 billion. So how does the industry giant plan to implement its strategy? HP currently works with online companies like European map service ViaMichelin and Six Apart, the parent company of the Typepad blogging service we use to publish this blog.

Under the Print 2.0 initiative, Web publishers now have access to the technology that currently makes a ViaMichelin map printout easier to read and can add a "Print" button to to their sites. In addition to making it easier to print Web pages, the Print 2.0 initiative will also expand the reach of existing HP creative platforms such as Snapfish and Logoworks from consumers to enterprises. In addition, HP plans to create a platform that makes it faster and cheaper to print high volume projects in all kinds of commercial industries.

Two Printer Pundits Weigh In on Print 2.0

Printer pundits Jim Lyons and Vince Ferraro recently weighed in on HP's Print 2.0 announcement on their respective blogs.

Initially skeptical in his May 30th post, More on HP Web Printing Initiative, Lyons warmed up to the concept recently when HP released its Tabblo Print Toolkit. Lyons even added a Blog2Print button to his blog. "I see hope, definitely! The Tabblo acquisition which I originally covered in the Spring has yielded the Tabblo Printer Toolkit ... which I've now had a chance to play with, and I like it," writes Lyons in his July 6th post, HP Pulling it Together on Web Printing.

As you would expect, HP executive Vince Ferraro is optimistic about Print 2.0. "The world is changing. I think static documents of the past are transforming into digital media—rich documents, user generated content, and mashed-up information. I think we are leading the industry right now in identifying the future challenges of printing and in developing real world solutions to address them," observed Ferraro in his June 6th post, Imaging and Printing 2.0.

What do you think? How often do you print Web pages?

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