July 08, 2009

Doomed From the Start, The Printed Blog Shuts Down

By Databazaar Blog

Those Who Fail to Heed Warren Buffet and Jim Lyons Have Only Themselves to Blame


As early as 1991, legendary investor Warren Buffet warned that newspapers no longer had a monopoly on the news. More recently on CNBC he jokingly noted that if Guttenberg had invented the Internet, no one in their right mind would invest in print publications had they come later.

Joshua Karp of The Printed Blog apparently didn't get the memo. Yesterday, he announced the closure of his short-lived venture. His mission was to publish blog posts in print form supported by advertising. We give Karp an "A" for idealism and an "F" for his business plan.

Our friend Jim Lyons covered The Printed Blog a few months ago, concluding his coverage with a caveat: "Appreciating what print offers, and not just devising ways of how to print more, may be the key to success for The Printed Blog." Wise words that Karp did not heed.

We think Karp should have hunted for gems written in unknown blogs with no audience and given them a larger stage — on the Web and maybe in an iPhone app, but not in print. The publishing business is hard enough. Why make it harder by trying to sell advertising in an unmeasurable medium?

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