July 08, 2009

Rojas and Block Weigh in on Photosmart Premium With TouchSmart Web

By Databazaar Blog

Gadget Gurus Give HP Advice on Its Forthcoming Web-Enabled Inkjet Printer


Peter Rojas and Ryan Block of Engadget and GDGT fame seem to take pride in never discussing printers on their popular podcast. But they couldn't resist HP's full court public relations press so they broke down and chatted about the Photosmart Premium With TouchSmart Web on their June 25, 2009 podcast.

Rojas sees Apple envy in the printer, likening HP's Web-enabled applications to Apple's App Store for the iPhone. He jokes that every app platform has the same core apps — Google Maps, Fandango, etc. He likes the capacitive touch screen and appreciates HP's need to sell more printers, which typically outlast computers.

Block doesn't like the concept. He suggests that HP treat the printer as a node and not an endpoint. He wants a $1/year fax service that puts eFax out of business. He also wants to send his friends links to photos and other documents that they could click and print on their Photosmart Premium With TouchSmart Web.

Maybe we don't understand Block's point, but doesn't email and any old printer already do what he wants? Nonetheless, we agree with his assessment that HP may have misread the market. People may not want to print from the touch screen no matter how nice when their iMac with a 24 inch monitor lies just a few feet away. Time will tell.

In discussing the Photosmart Premium With TouchSmart Web, Rojas recalled another novel HP printer, but he couldn't remember its name. We've got your back Rojas — it's the Presto.

Photo by Barb Dwybad / CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

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