February 03, 2012

ProJet™ 1000/1500 Personal 3D Printers – “print” durable, functional plastic parts at your desktop

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With the introduction of the ProJet™ 1000 Personal 3D Printer and the ProJet™ 1500 Personal Color 3D Printer, 3D Systems Corporation has transformed prototyping and part production. 3D printing is the process in which raw material like plastic or metal is applied one layer at a time to create a 3D object. It is an extension of the 2D printing process that we are familiar with, where the thickness of the ink layer is so small as to be negligible.

With this new technology, you can create usable parts and prototypes directly from digital files of CAD drawings in no time at all—right on your desktop. The “printed” prototypes are tough enough to withstand functional testing; they can be drilled, tapped or sanded. You can overcome design problems, create accurate prototypes and avoid expensive errors before launching into full scale production.

These 3D printers incorporate 3D Systems’ proprietary, patented film transfer imaging technology which uses curable plastic material that is applied and cured one layer at a time. The high-resolution parts made of tough, durable VisiJet® FTI material can be smooth or rough surfaced, sharp edged or finely detailed—exactly as specified by your design. VisiJet® FTI Zoom material which builds 40% faster is used in the high speed mode.

The ProJet™ Personal 3D Printers can be installed on your desktop and connected to your network. They are compact, quiet and don’t emit any noxious smells or excessive heat.

The 3D printers are complemented by the powerful web-based ProJet™ software. With an intuitive menu driven user-interface, it allows you to preview/edit, perform part verification and repair, perform job control, view build status and abort builds.

ProJet™ 1000 can only print parts in ivory color. With ProJet™ 1500 you can print larger parts as well as use up to six different colors to draw attention to specific components or facets of your design. Additionally, ProJet™ 1500 includes a special High Speed Mode.


The affordable ProJet™ Personal 3D printers “print” high-resolution plastic parts that are tough enough to withstand functional testing.
MSRP: The ProJet™ 1000 and ProJet™ 1500 are priced at $10,900 and $14,500 respectively.


3D Systems

Specs that matter

Release Date:ProJet™ 1000 - November 2011; ProJet™ 1500 - September 2011
Notable Features:Prints tough, durable 3D plastic parts; ProJet™ 1000 prints in ivory color, with fine detail and smooth finish; ProJet™ 1500 can print in 6 colors – ivory, red, gray, blue, black, and yellow; Imports STL and CTL File Types from CAD systems; Intuitive web browser interface; Network connectivity
Max. Build Size (XYZ):ProJet™ 1000–6.75” x 8” x 7” ; ProJet™ 1500–6.75” x 9” x 8”
Native Resolution (xy):1024 x 768 dpi
Layer Thickness:Standard Mode 0.004” (102 μm); High Speed Mode 0.006” (152 μm) only on ProJet™ 1500
Vertical Build Speed:Standard Mode 0.5”/hour; High Speed Mode 0.8 ”/hour (VisiJet® FTI-Zoom material only) only on ProJet™ 1500
Min. Feature Size:0.010”(0.254 mm)
Min. Vertical Wall Thickness:0.025” (0.64 mm)
Standard Interface:RJ45 - 10/100
Workstation Requirements:Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, Windows® 7 running Internet Explorer 8 or higher, Firefox 5 or higher, or Chrome 12 or higher
Warranty:Contact 3D Systems

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