June 21, 2012

Motorola Symbol LS4278 Cordless Barcode Scanner – the robust, convenient, productivity booster

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Motorola’s Symbol LS4278 Cordless Barcode Scanner ensures superior data capture and high productivity in any user environment – be it warehousing, retailing or healthcare. With its multi-line raster scan pattern you don’t need to accurately aim the scanner at the barcode strip. It very accurately reads even small or poorly printed bar codes. This barcode reader is very effective within a 50-feet radius.

Your productivity increases because you don’t need to re-scan. Additionally, because of its superior motion tolerance you don’t need to pause between scans. Since it is cordless you eliminate the hazards of a cable trailing behind you while you move around scanning. The integrated Bluetooth wireless network ensures secure transmission of data between the scanner and your PC (or host machine). The batch mode operation allows for greater flexibility in application design.

The scanner consists of a single circuit board and is ruggedly built to withstand knocks and scrapes at the workplace. Both the scanner and its cradle have industrial charging contacts that can handle over 250,000 insertions. On a fully charged battery, you can manage over 32,000 scans before you need to stop and recharge. You can use up to three scanners with a single cradle. With its wide range of interfaces and plug-and-play deployment, this scanner can be rapidly adapted to any computing environment.


Motorola’s Symbol LS4278 Cordless Barcode Scanner is easy to deploy and its efficient multi-line raster scan pattern enhances productivity.
MSRP: Online retail price range between $400 and $650



Specs that matter

Notable Features:Cordless barcode scanner; Multi-line rastering scan pattern; Range of up to 50-ft radius; Bluetooth secure wireless data transmission; Rugged build can withstand a 5-foot fall; Support for multiple interfaces; Plug-and-play and universal cable; Batch mode operation; Multi point-to-point; Up to 32,000+ scans on full battery charge
Radio Range:up to 50-feet radius
Standard Interface:IBM 468x/469x, Keyboard wedge, RS-232C (Standard, Nixdorf, ICL, Fujitsu), Synapse, USB (Standard, IBM SurePOS, Macintosh), Laser/Wand
OS Compatibilityn:Plug-and-Play and universal cable adapts to any computing environment
Warranty:3 years from shipment date. Lifetime warranty on the Liquid Polymer Scan Element

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