December 28, 2012

Sentry® OA 5848 Electronic Fire Safe – 2 hours fire protection for your documents, CDs, USB sticks and other valuables

By Databazaar Blog


Worried about your valuables? The Sentry OA 5848 electronic fire safe can provide certified protection for everything from documents, CDs, USB sticks to money for up to two hours in up to 1,850 ˚F fires. The safe is also water resistant.

The safe is further protected by seven live-locking bolts and a secure metal handle. An advanced LCD backlit keypad controls the electronic lock system which features programmable PIN access and a tubular locking key.

Inside, the 2-cubic feet capacity safe has a multi-position drawer, a file rack for document storage, a key rack, a separate compartment for smaller items, and a convenient door pocket.

For even more security, the safe comes complete with the necessary hardware to bolt it to the floor. Even if the safe is removed, it is still strong enough to survive a 30-foot drop without damage or breaking open.


The Sentry OA 5848 electronic fire safe has an electronically controlled lock system with 7 live-locking bolts and can survive a 30-foot drop and fire temperatures up to 1,850 ˚F.
MSRP: $691



Specs that matter

Notable Features:Electronic programmable PIN access; 7 live-locking bolts; 2 cubic feet capacity; UL classified 30-foot drop test; 2-hour fire protection for CDs, USB and memory sticks in temperatures up to 1,850˚F; Water resistant
Warranty:1 year limited warranty, lifetime after fire replacement.
Accessories:• Hardware for floor security mounting

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