February 08, 2013

SAFCO 18 Pocket Panel Bin – Multi-purpose organizer, visible contents

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SAFCO 18-pocket panel bin

The SAFCO 18 Pocket Panel Bin is a very handy multi-purpose organizer. You can use it in offices, meeting rooms, printer areas and classrooms to store small-sized supplies, as well as small tools and parts in a garage or warehouse. You can even use it at home. The panel doesn’t take up too much space (34” w x 5¼” d x 20½” h) and weighs about 8 lbs. when all the bins are empty. The bins are arranged in three rows with six bins to a row. Each bin compartment has a spring loaded cover that remains open while in use. The cover closes with a snap and remains securely shut until you open it again.

As the bins are made of transparent plastic, the contents are clearly visible at a glance. No need to check labels to find what you need. However, each bin does have a label area where you can stick on a label for the bin content. You can store materials weighing up to 5 lbs. in a bin.

The Pocket Panel Bin is also available in 9-pocket and 30-pocket models.


The SAFCO 18 Pocket Panel Bin is a handy multi-purpose organizer; you can view its contents at a glance.
MSRP: $137 (available at discount)


Product Page
SAFCO Panel Bin

Specs that matter

Notable Features:Multi-purpose organizer; 18 pockets; Wall mountable; Highly visible contents; Secure spring-loaded bin covers; Label area; No assembly required; Made of plastic; 5 lbs. bin capacity
Dimensions:34” w x 5¼” d x 20½” h
Capacity:5 lbs. per bin

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