March 22, 2013

Dahle Professional Rolling Trimmers – engineered for safety and precision

By Databazaar Blog


Dahle’s range of Professional Rolling Trimmers have been engineered to deliver precision cuts without compromising on operational safety. The sharp blades are sheathed in a plastic housing to prevent injury to the operator. The rotary action of the trimmer lets you cut bi-directionally. The self-sharpening blade doesn’t get blunt for years and you can be sure of cuts that are accurate. The trimmed edges are almost razor sharp without any burrs.

You can choose from trimmer models that can handle 14⅛”, 20⅛”, 28¼”, 37½” and 51” cutting lengths. Floor stands are available for the 37½” and 51” models. The smaller models can be wall mounted. You can cut up to 20 sheets at a time, so it’s ideal for heavy duty professional use. The trimmer has a metal clamp that holds your work in place while you are cutting. The base of the trimmer is firm and it has preprinted guides that enable you to line up your sheets accurately. There’s even a preprinted protractor that’s helpful for making angled cuts.


Dahle’s range of Professional Rolling Trimmers have been engineered for safety and accuracy.
MSRP: $249–$629



Specs that matter

Notable Features :Rotary Blade precision paper cutters; Engineered for Safety; Self sharpening blade; Automatic Paper Clamp; Metal base with preprinted guides; Imprinted protractor to facilitate angled cuts; Floor stands available for the 37.5” and 51” models; Smaller models can be wall mounted.
Cut Length :14”–51”
Sheet Capacity :Up to 20 sheets
Warranty :Lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing, materials and assembly (excludes cutting blades and clamp)

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