February 20, 2015

Reduce retrieval time with Avery Color-coding labels

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Avery Labels

Have you ever panicked because you cannot locate an important document that your boss wants to see right away? Are you spending too much time wading through piles of paper and files trying to find that letter which you need to send today? If the answer to either is in the affirmative, Avery’s Color-coding labels are just the thing for you.

Color Coding labels have been known to reduce retrieval time by a whopping 40%! Our brains can recognize a color much faster than it can read and process text. Color-coded filing creates an easily identifiable pattern and helps you locate and retrieve your information faster, reduces the risk of lost documents and helps in increasing your efficiency.

So how does one go about color-coding files and papers? One easy method for color coding would be to segregate your files according to subject and assign a colored label for each subject. So your unpaid invoice files could be red, tax files could be blue, accounts could be yellow etc. Another simple way to do it is this: If it’s important, label it red. Lower priority files get a less vibrant color. Now once your color-coding logic is in place, based on the number of your files and the documents that you need to organize, write down identifiers on the labels. Identifiers can be numbers, alphabets, year, year and month or anything else that helps you organize your files. Work out a color-coding system and an identifier sequence that best suits your specific requirements and you are ready with your index.

The Color-coding labels from Avery come in a variety of sizes and an assortment of colors. Vivid colors are immediately noticeable so you can use them to organize your documents, add them as price tags on items you want to sell, mark important dates on your calendar, stick them for inventory control and much more. Permanent adhesive on the back of these labels makes them stick easily and ensures that once stuck, they stay firmly in place.

Avery also sells a range of color-coding labels that can be printed on an inkjet or laser printer using one of several templates that Avery offers. If you are prone to misfiling, use the removable labels that Avery offers; these do not leave behind sticky residue and can easily be repositioned. When applying the color coding label, make sure the application surface is dry and clean.

Now that you have finished organizing your documents using color-coding labels, do you still have some left over? Repurposing labels for some completely new application can be fun. Use them at home as jar labels, decorations on holiday cards or even on gift-wraps. So go ahead and use your imagination.


Avery Color-coding labels increase your productivity by reducing retrieval times, reducing risk of lost documents and creating an easily identifiable pattern.



Specs that matter

Features:Available in various sizes, shapes and colors. Removable labels do not leave sticky residue on the surface. Can be written or printed upon. Peels off easily from the backing paper but sticks firmly to paper, glass, wood surface

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