August 18, 2015

Aspects to Consider While Choosing Toner Cartridges

By Oney Seal


A toner cartridge is an essential part of the laser printer. These cartridges use a fine powder which is called a toner. It is different from the liquid ink that is used in ink cartridges and are meant for laser printers.

The ink source used in the cartridges determines the outcome of the prints. Understanding the basic phenomenon of how the toner works can eventually help you to decide on toner cartridges. Plastic and pigment are the two components of a toner. Each component serves a different purpose. The color you get in your prints come from the pigment. The pigment is blended with plastic. The toner melts when subjected to the heat fuser of the printer. When you insert blank pages onto the printer, the melted output from the toner binds to the paper.

There are different parameters to consider while you are buying a toner cartridge. The first step is obviously to select the right laser printer for your specific needs, so you can use the toner cartridge of that particular brand. Although there are also compatible and re-manufactured cartridges available in the market, it is better to select original cartridges unless you are constrained by certain factors such as cost and intent of use. The ultimate goal is to buy a toner that gives you the best output and is cost-effective in the long term.


Now when it comes to the original toner cartridges, they are manufactured for specific models of the laser printers. Most of the office supplies e-commerce stores demonstrate the laser printer models in which the specific toner cartridges would fit. Printer manufacturers also mention the model of the cartridges that is intended for the specific laser printer in their user manual.


Another important factor is the color. If you are using a black and white laser printer, then you need a black toner cartridge. If you are using a color laser printer, then you need color toner cartridges. Basically, the color toner cartridges come in three different colors such as magenta, cyan and yellow.  

The color cartridges come in individual pieces. You can put these cartridges in the color laser printers in the different slots provided. Depending on the different brands, the color cartridges come in tri-color packs in which you get a cartridge each of cyan, magenta and yellow. These packs are generally intended for high volume color printing needs.

Depending Upon the Make- OEM or Compatible or Re-manufactured

These types of cartridge differentiation is based on the type of manufacturer or the manufacturing process. The OEM toner cartridges are manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer which also manufactures the laser printers. The advantage here is that the same manufacturer is building both the main product and its accessories. This results in optimum reliability and performance. Also, you will be getting good quality technical support at all times. As these are original products intended only for the specific printer models of the brands, these also come with a high price scale.

On the other hand, the compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by third party manufacturers. This is kind of a recycled product. The third party manufacturers take the returned or old cartridges, change the core and drums, and make the whole cartridge again. These are also tested thoroughly. If you are looking for a cost-effective yet durable alternative to the OEM toner cartridges, then you may opt for these compatible models.

Lastly, the remanufactured toner cartridges are just the refilled versions of the OEM or compatible cartridges. The manufacturers take the OEM and the compatible cartridges, refill and resell them. Certainly, the remanufactured toner cartridges are less in price. But, as they are coming with a lesser price tag, the quality you get will be inferior to the OEM and compatible cartridges. Also, you may not get the appropriate technical support during the needed times.

Page Yields

Page yield is defined as the number of pages that can be printed with the toner cartridge. Different cartridges offer different page yields. Also, the page yield may differ among the OEM, compatible and remanufactured cartridges.

The above are some of the aspects that we need to look forward to when choosing the toner cartridges. As per your specific requirements, you may collectively think about the different aspects in order to arrive at a good decision.



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