October 12, 2015

Brother MFC-8910DW Wireless All-in-One Laser Printer, Copy/Fax/Print/Scan - New & Original- Be Flexible with Wireless Printing

By Oney Seal



The future of information technology is wireless. If you notice the different technological appliances around you, you will see that they are requiring less and less wires gradually to connect with each other. For example, with wireless modems and dongles; you no more have to sit at one place with your laptop. You are able to use your PC at any corner of your room and during travel too. The wireless technology has been a boon to the different spheres of our personal and professional lives.   

Printers are now no exception to the wireless technology. With the fast evolving IT world, now corporations are dealing with a wide network of computers and workstations. Printing is an essential task in every organization. The printing need may crop up from any PC holder within a large organization and the wireless printers come into play in this situation. You can take your prints sitting at any corner of your office.

Let us check out this wireless all-in-one laser printer from Brother, which is capable to perform the functions of a printer, copier, fax machine and a scanner. You are getting everything in one packaged machine, which not only reduces your cost but also prevents you from the hassle of buying separate devices for separate tasks.  

The Brother MFC-8910DW is a multifunction laser printer as it is capable of tackling multiple tasks. This high-speed Brother printer caters well to the business environments, where frequent printing is required. Let us talk about the detailed specifications of this Brother printer, so you would have an idea about whether it would suit your needs or not.

Maximum Print Speed (Black): 42 ppm

Print speed is an essential feature that buyers must check out as per their printing requirements. We measure print speed in ppm (pages per minute). The 42-ppm speed of the above printer means that it can print 42 pages of text per minute. This is the speed for black print outs as mentioned in the specs. The speed may vary for the color printouts.

Network Ready: Yes

A network ready printer means that it has the necessary inbuilt support to connect to any network either through a network cable or wirelessly. This Brother printer is network ready and can take commands from different PCs to process the printing operation.

Print Resolution (Black) (Width × Height): 1200 × 1200 dpi

We measure the print resolution of the printers in dpi (Dots per inch). While in operation, the laser printers melt the toner over the paper. We calculate the resolution as the dots of toner placed over a square inch area of a page. Higher dpi means more number of toner dots in a square inch area and thus sharper printing outputs.

The 1200 × 1200 dpi resolution of the above printer means you are going to get high-resolution prints that you can share with your clients without any hesitation.

Now Let Us Check Out Some More Specs: 

This Brother MFC-8910DW wireless printer has an auto document feed capacity of 50 sheets. It accepts legal paper sizes. A total of 250 papers can be loaded to the sheet tray and 50 numbers of pages can be loaded to the multipurpose tray. The printer supports a maximum copy size (W×H) of 8 ½” × 14”.

The fax transmission speed offered by the printer is 33.6 kb/s and the fax memory supported is 500 pages.

Now coming to the operating system compatibility, this printer is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. It supports multiple connectivity options such as Ethernet, USB and Wi-Fi. The different types of network types it supports include 10/100Base-TX Ethernet and 802.11 b/g/n Wireless. This is appropriate for use as a business printer as it can operate over a network. The flexible connectivity options make it easy for you to print the documents immediately from your PCs and mobile devices.

The LCD display of the printer offers an easy to use experience for the users. The different machine function buttons such as Copy, Fax, Print, Scan etc are well organized over the dashboard for the hassle free usage by the user.

What about the Duty Cycle?

The monthly duty cycle of 50,000 pages implies that this printer can print up to 50,000 pages per month without failure. The duty cycle is an indicator of the durability of the printers. The high duty cycle of this Brother model assures the durability of the printer and is suitable for use in the high volume printing environments.

Can The Printer Print Both Sides Automatically? Yes!

Automatic duplexing is another great feature, which keeps you free from the hassle of rotating and reloading the page manually at times you want to do both side printing. With automatic duplexing, the printer automatically rotates the page to print on the other side.

Are You Planning To Buy This?

If you are a first time buyer, you should assess your immediate and future printing requirements. There are different models of the wireless laser printers available in the market. The models differ in parameters such as connectivity options, network support, duty cycles, maximum printing speeds, print resolution and dashboard functions etc.

Are You Looking Out For Toner Cartridges For This Printer Model?

If you already have this Brother printer, then you can check out the specific toner cartridges for the printer here. You have the option to choose from among the genuine and the compatible toner cartridges. While the genuine cartridges would give you the assurance of brand support, the compatible ones would be more cost-effective option for you.

This Brother printer is one of the efficient wireless printer models available in the market. The high duty cycle, high resolution and the high page speed makes it a suitable printer for use in corporate environments. It is energy star certified and assures efficient power consumption during the operation.

Benefits of Wireless Printing:

  • The advantages of wireless printing are obvious in the office environments. Even at home, they help us in connecting with our desktop machine and laptops via Wi-Fi. This way, both you and your daughter can simultaneously print the required documents at home. Neither your daughter would be late to school nor will you be delayed in sending that important document to your client.
  • Reorganization can happen at any time in your home or office. No worries. You have a wireless printer. Shift it where you want. It is flexible.


The All-in-one printers give you better returns on your investments. Rather than buying separate copiers, scanners and fax machines, you are getting every function in one single machine. It saves space and money.


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