December 23, 2015

Fear of Running Out of Ink? Let’s Check out HP’s Instant Ink

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The requirements of printouts can crop up at any time for the execution of any essential work. In business organizations, a steady supply of print is expected for the uninterrupted and smooth running of the enterprise. Also, in the small businesses and home environment, it is essential to have a printer in good working condition so that you don’t get stuck at any time.  

This HP Instant Ink replacement is a unique printer technology, which delivers the convenience of print quality and speed combined together. By paying a monthly fee for this subscription, you can print a fixed number of pages which can be carried on to the next month according to the convenience of the user. You can opt for the Instant Ink program with the new printer models like HP Envy 5530, the Envy 5540, and the slightly more expensive HP Officejet Pro 8610. The cartridges provided can be reordered again to deliver the ink straight away when your printer runs low. 

Benefits of This Replacement Program

The main purpose of selecting this subscription is to avoid the cartridge delivery problems. In addition, you have the flexibility to select a particular plan according to the requirement. If in case the ink goes out during the emergency print situations, buying it from either the shops or online are the options available for you. While you can opt for any one of the two, it takes time. But, with the HP’s Instant Ink replacement program, you can get the cartridges on time. You can choose from one or two year plans, according to your budget.

How to Sign-up

In order to enter this subscription, firstly plug in the cartridge and connect the printer to the internet. The process could be executed with Wi-Fi connection also. You have to sign-up for the HP Instant Ink program in order to get enrolled. After your successful subscription, the level of ink in your cartridge is continuously monitored and it indicates when you are running low to deliver the new ink cartridge at to your doorstep before you completely go out of stock. 

Performance and Quality

It provides your documents with sharp, clear texts and images. The HP’s unique ink comes with innovative waterproofing features that bonds the ink to the paper well for brilliant print results. This prevents staining of ink due to accidental spills of water. The quality delivered remains up to the mark with spotless copy. You can get exceptional quality images with realistic colors and sharp precision while giving printing commands from your iPhones and tablets.  

Cost-Efficient Plans

This HP Instant Ink program provides subscribers with three types of plans to choose from with maintaining a convenient cost structure.

  • The Occasional Plan, which at the expense of $2.99 per month supports printing up to 50 pages a month. If you exceed your allotted page numbers, then a charge of $1 will be cut off for 15 pages.
  • The Moderate Plan, which at the expense of $4.99 per month supports printing up to 100 pages a month. If you exceed your allotted page numbers, then a charge of $1 will be cut off for 20 pages.
  • The Frequent Plan, which at the expense of $9.99 per month supports printing up to 300 pages a month. If you exceed your allotted page numbers, then a charge of $1 will be cut off for 25 pages.

In case, if you are not able to use up all your pages in one month, it will be carried forward to the next month and will be added to the present month’s page quota. The HP Instant Ink is a flexible program and you can cancel your plan or change to a different one at any time.

The HP Instant Ink results in substantial cost savings when compared with the traditional model of paying for individual ink cartridges. This plan does not distinguish between the black and color pages, and helps you to save a lot of money, if you print mostly in color. Whether you're printing text documents or photo prints, the cost per page will be the same. This process may be considerable for reducing the cost incurred, if you don't use up your allotted pages, or if you frequently print more page than are included with your plan for protecting your savings.

This incredible HP Instant Ink program provides ease of use, low initial cost and liberty to print images. It gives the customers the comfort of fast delivery without having to worry about drying out inks that might cause inconveniences during the emergency print situations. The costs are easily manageable with the freedom of subscription cancellation according to the preference of the customers.     

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