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Brother TN750 Black, High Yield Toner Cartridge – New & Original: For The Optimum Print Quality


Brother TN750 Black, High Yield Toner Cartridge – New & Original: For The Optimum Print Quality

A significant part of the print quality is dependent on the toner cartridge. Other than being a perfect fit for the specific printer model, an original toner cartridge offers many more benefits for your laser printer. This Brother TN 750 is a high-yield toner cartridge that is intended for the printer models HL5450DN, HL5470DW, HL5470DWT, HL6180DW, HL6180DWT, MFC 8510DN, MFC 8710DW, MFC 8910DW, MFC 8950DW, MFC 8950DWT, DCP8110DN, HL 5440D, MFC 8810DW, DCP 8150DN and DCP 8155DN.

If you own any one of the above Brother laser printers, then you would need the TN 750 toner cartridge for replacement, once your initial toner cartridge runs out of toner. Many customers think to replace their cartridge with any third-party cartridge at this stage with the aim of cost-savings. As a customer, it’s natural on our part to find out ways to lower our costs. Whether you are using the printer at your personal setting or at the business setting can act as a decision making point of choosing among the original toner cartridges or the compatible ones. The compatible toner cartridges are manufactured by third-party manufacturers.

Both Have Their Pros and Cons

If you are more serious about the brand and respect Brother as a brand, then chances are more that you will opt for the original toner cartridge without experimenting with the compatible cartridges manufactured by the third-party manufacturers. But if you are a customer who likes to experiment with other brands, then you can consider certain factors that will help you decide what you should do. It depends and varies according to the different customers.

There are pros and cons to both the alternatives. But, when it comes to the technical precision and performance; the original Brother toner cartridge would win the race. However, the con of the original cartridge is its high initial cost. If you are using your printer to cover your high frequency printing demands, then it’s better not to experiment with the compatible cartridges. The original toner cartridges have low failure rate and there are less chances of toner leakage into the printer.

On the other hand, the pros of compatible toner cartridges are their low costs while giving the print qualities close to the original cartridges. If you are looking for a budget-friendly solution, then compatible cartridge might do the work for you. You can get good quality prints at half the cost of the original toner cartridges, but you have to worry a bit about the consistency. The original manufacturers claim that the toner cartridges manufactured by them are precision made for the specific printer model and offers consistent printing performance, which the compatible cartridges may not provide. They also claim that the third-party toner cartridges may shorten the working life of the printers.

Now, it is a false assumption that the original toner cartridges will never fail or the compatible toner cartridges will never do good work. Failure can happen in both the cases at any point in the working life of the printers. The underlying reasons may be many. But, if you are using an original toner cartridge with your printer, you can expect a timely technical support from the manufacturer in case of any failure situation.  

How to check the authenticity of this Brother TN750 High Yield Toner Cartridge?

Now, if you are planning to buy the original Brother TN 750 toner cartridge, I would request you to always check the authenticity of the cartridge you are buying by the different user-friendly options offered by Brother. There are certain simple authentication methods using which you can get assured that what you are getting from the e-commerce stores is genuine.

The first option that Brother recommends is to use a data matrix app on your mobile device. Brother recommends the data matrix reader app i-nigma. You can find the details here. The second authentication option that Brother recommends is using the ID number on the label. Once you get the product, you will see an ID number of 7 digits that is printed on the hologram. You will find the hologram on the supply packaging. Once you get the 7-digit number, you just have to go to the Brother Product Authentication page and enter the ID number there to confirm whether the cartridge is genuine or not.  

The third option is to check the holographic effects for the assurance. You have to check out the authentication dots and numbers defined by Brother in the hologram. To assure that the product is genuine, keep in mind the below steps.

When you tilt the hologram to the back, you should see 1 dot.

When you tilt the hologram to the front, you should see 2 dots.

When you tilt the hologram to the right, you should see 3 dots.

When you tilt the hologram to the left, you should see 4 dots.

Once the above criteria are fulfilled, you can then be assured that the Brother Toner cartridge is an original one.

Buying a Toner cartridge is a significant investment and thus you should do a good amount of research before your purchase to get the best value out of your investment.

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